League Teams - August/September 2013


A: Wayne (C), Paul/Dylan, Roy, Craig, Brian, Eric/Tremayne and Eugene

B: Mike (C), David, Deon, Clive, Greg, Ian and Paul VZ

C: Les (C), Josh, Tim, Garren, Chris P, Brad, Leonard, Malcolm

RESERVES: Justin, Jimmy and Byron


A: Tracey (C), Anthea, Robyn, Tanna

B: Pauliane (C), Lauren, Leanne, Kitty/Lynn

C: Alex(C), Rebecca, Margrit, Helen, Danielle

D: Janet, Caryn (C), Jane, Karen, Nicole

E: Maureen (C), Dot, Birgit, Elsje, Pam

RESERVE: Elsa, Courtney

Your captain will be contact in the next day or 2 as league starts this Saturday – GOOD LUCK TO ALL TEAMS