We're delighted that you'd like to join the Boskruin Tennis Club. Here is all the information you'll need about joining. For any other questions about membership, please email Sarah on Cubitt.sarah5@gmail.com.

Membership Form

Please click the button above to download the Membership Form. Print and fill in the form and then give it to Sarah Cubitt or one of the other committee members at the club, or scan and email it to Cubitt.sarah5@gmail.com.

Membership Categories


Family Membership

Per couple, per annum: R4200
Per junior child, per annum: R680

Family membership includes couples (married or living together) qualifying to join as senior members and their children that qualify as juniors (see definition below). If only one parent joins, the parent will pay the full Adult Senior Member fee and his or her children will each be eligible for the discounted junior rate.


Adult Senior Member

Per annum: R2720

Gauteng Central classifies over the age of 16 as Senior. For the purposes of membership, a senior is over 16, in full-time or part-time employment and does not qualify as a Student/Young Adult. Adult senior members qualify to represent the Club in all leagues. (See Student for concessions.)


Midweek Member

Per annum: R1665

A Midweek Members is an adult senior member, who does not wish to play general social on Tuesday evenings, Saturday afternoons or other designated times. A midweek member does not qualify to play league for Boskruin Tennis Club. They have access to the courts from Monday to Friday when courts are not used, and they can play Ladies tennis on Tuesday mornings.


Student/Young Adult Member

Per annum: R1070

A Student or Young Adult is a full member who is either a scholar or a student in full-time education. They qualify to represent Boskruin Tennis Club in senior league and qualify to play senior club tennis as a full senior member.


Junior Member

Per annum: R680

A Junior Member can play in the organised junior section of the club. Once their play has progressed to a level that the Committee feels is appropriate, the junior will be invited to play as a junior-filler during senior designated times. A junior-filler fills in when there are not enough senior players to make up a full set (at the discretion of the committee member on duty). Juniors cannot represent the club in senior league events. The progression normally is junior-filler, student/young adult, and senior.



Adult Senior Membership per annum: R1610

Midweek Membership per annum: R905

Pensioner Membership is for people over the age of 65.


Keys for the courts

All members have access to keys for the courts. Members are expected to secure the courts after they have used the courts. The locks are changed every year during March. Make sure you hand in your old keys and collect your new keys. If you do not have your old keys anymore, a new key will be available at a cost of R15.

Keys for the light boxes

The locks on the light boxes are also changed during March every year. Members are expected to switch off the lights and lock the boxes when they have finished playing. Make sure you hand in your old keys and collect your new keys. If you do not have your old keys anymore, a new key for the light boxes will require a deposit of R100 of which R85 is refundable when you resign your membership and return the key to the committee.

Club tennis shirts

Boskruin Tennis Club shirts are available from the tuck shop at a cost of R280 per shirt. It is preferable that when a member represents the club in any tennis game, the official shirt should be worn.

League ball levy

A league ball levy of R20 per player per home fixture is payable to the club prior to the game.


Visitors playing with members still need to pay visitor’s fees.


Please note that fees and prices are subject to change.